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oh yeahhh   
02:57pm 23/09/2006
  so the other day when i wrote that entry i was puzzled b/c i knew something rather interesting had happened & i had forgotten what it was. well, yesterday morning i remembered: in one of my nutrition classes on Wednesday i think, a squirrel came and scared the fuck out of the majority of the class (it's mostly girls). basically, it hopped in through a door onto desks & ran through the lecture hall like 5 times as people screamed and laughed and shit. i had never thought squirrels were scary until i got here, and that pretty much cemented my belief that the squirrels here are dangerous...  

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warning: you may hate me for this entry   
01:36am 29/07/2006
mood: enraged
this is going to sound ridiculous, but i can pretty much guarantee you cannot relate.

i wear a size 5 shoe. this is a REAL women's size 5, which corresponds to a kids' size 2.5 and supposedly a men's size 3. you have no fucking idea how insanely impossible it is for me to find shoes. especially now that Payless shoes no longer fit me. don't ask how this happened, because i haven't a fucking clue. i guess there are some solutions to my dilemma:

1. wear cushions/stuff your shoes.
i do this, but it is sooo uncomfortable & i don't want to ruin my feet.

2. wear kids' shoes
have you seen kids' shoes? they're fucking horrible! it's like the designers hate kids! not to mention they are far from age-appropriate in 90% of cases.

3. buy your shoes online
i can't try them on if i buy them online. there's no fucking way i'm buying shoes without trying them on. maybe a shirt, skirt, pants, or dress, but not shoes b/c sizes vary like crazy between brands, and as of now, i know of no brand that carries shoes that fit me.

4. amputate your feet.
this is the most painful solution, but it is increasingly appearing to be the most effective one to me. my feet are not going to grow, i cannot go barefoot in most places, and foot enlargement surgery does not exist to date. if i lose the feet, i lose the problem. if my prosthetic feet are size 6, i will be in the clear.


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- gasp -   
05:19pm 02/07/2006
mood: blank
Tuesday i went to the beach with Demonica & got MAAAD sunburned. it was painful & my face peeled & stuff, but now i am very dark. Sarah burned too, but not as much as i did b/c she remembered to put sunblock on her face.

Friday night was eventful:

i went to the RX Bandits show at the Living Room. of course i had to stand through 3 other bands before they actually came on, but one really struck my fancy and another had a SEXY OMG FUCKING SEXY bassist so i'm not angry. i went with Brandyman b/c i needed company & he was willing. he had fun too.

ok, many reasons why the RXB set was amazing, including:

1. i was in the first row (granted this meant i was being pressed into the stage to the bone)
2. i got 3 videos with my digicam, including one of Decrescendo
3. no bruises, scratches, or broken bones
4. they played ALL the songs i wanted desperately for them to play
5. they did not play the one song i did not want them to play
6. i got their new album for 10 dollars
7. nothing stolen
8. i got to see them SOOOO CLOSE UP
9. they worked it even though the sax player wasn't there (i really don't know why he wasn't there, but he was mysteriously absent & the only reference to it was the lead singer saying "One man down..." at the beginning. ok maybe he continued saying something else, but i don't remember either way.)
10. the crowd was REALLY into it, so the energy was great too

by the end of the show, i was drenched in sweat, which is expected, especially considering i was in the front. but yo, my belt was drenched too... kinda nuts. good thing my clothes were loose or else i would've been mad uncomfortable driving.

then at like 3:30am my dad & brother got home =D so we're all together again. and they got to bring my gouache painting and gowns which was wonderful. my dad said mad people tried to buy the painting, which is flattering.

i got an A in calc--- i know it's numerically an A+, but URI only goes up to A (it does do A- though). i guess it's only fair b/c in DR i got A's for my numerical A-.

last night i babysat & made money. i need a real job though.

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04:51pm 19/06/2006
mood: amused
BP Kabu Fan (11:27:15 PM): Yeah. I've not been lucky in love. Too bad Lunia didn't work out, whoever gets her is the luckiest guy in the world.
BP Kabu Fan (11:28:51 PM): Other than being 2 feet tall and weighing negative 4 pounds, she's perfect physically.

lmfao! Ben is such a dumbass (he said this to Demonica)

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guess what guess what guess what   
12:08pm 03/05/2006
mood: ecstatic
i got into Cornell again!!!

the condition: i pass Chemistry 2 this summer.

note to self: you better fucking pass Chem this summer. so no slacking off for me with that class. although it would be hard to considering it meets like 4 times a week.

- sigh -

the sweet sensation of fulfillment

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16 days   
04:47pm 30/04/2006
mood: awake
so my semester ended on Tuesday. results:

Bio 2: A <--exempt from final
Bio 2 lab: A <--99 was my overall grade(second highest for that teacher)
Dominican History: A <--barely studied all semester
Philosophy: A <--one of the few classes i took seriously, got a 90
Spanish 2: B <--killed myself for that, just barely an 80
Chem 1: A <--barely studied for the final & left an 8-pt question blank
Chem 1 lab: A <--took the final cold turkey
Math 2: A <--never got a question wrong on a test.

so my gpa stayed put at 3.8... to be honest, i couldn't believe my chem & history grades. i was so sure i was gonna get B's in both of those classes. i dunno if my history teacher gave me pity points, but she was receptive to my bullshitting tactics all semester. as for chem... that was luck b/c i really didn't study for the final & made up one of the 8-pt problems to get an answer that made sense, and, as i mentioned earlier, skipped another one (both b/c i didn't know the formulas necessary to do them & i didn't want to cheat).

i've been talking to Ben P. (he's this guy that a friend of mine knows & when i told her that i wanted a bf for when i got back, she instantly thought of him & it's definitely a good thing) almost every day since like 2 or 3 weeks ago. it's kinda nuts how well we get along & stuff & the sort of things we have in common. i really think things are gonna work out for us when i get back & we meet & stuff. we're both very positive about our future.

i've been packing these last few days, finding mad poetry & pictures & documents & stuff. i dunno how i'm gonna fit a lot of stuff that i'm gonna have to bring. also i dunno how i'm gonna transport my painting... that shit is really worrying me b/c i don't want to leave it. plus all the clothes & shoes i need to bring... it's kind of overwhelming.

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07:53pm 05/04/2006
  ok so i haven't updated i'm guessing since like February. not much happened until the end of last month.
16 March:
my dad comes home from RI, he had been there for 8 days & we missed him terribly.
my grandmother (his mother) fell and broke her hip. apparently she got up at about 6am & was on the way to the bathroom, got confused due to Alzheimer's & went to the living room & tripped on a couch.

17-24 March:
my dad & brother go to Esperanza (to see my grandmother) almost everyday, the doctors decide that she is too weak to stand an operation and give her meds & about 3 months to live.
i couldn't see her during the week b/c i had class in the afternoons/evenings. i couldn't go on the weekend b/c i had a history test coming up that required about 100 pages (each 8.5x11inches) of reading.
my friends had been planning a trip to Puerto Plata/Maimon/Sosua & set the date on Saturday the 25th. i asked my dad if it was ok & he said it would be fine b/c i never have fun.

25 March:
i meet my friends to go at about 8am & tell my dad to say hi to my grandmother for me. we go to the cableway, take mad pictures, eat & then go to the beach. it was fun.
on the way home, i call my dad, who said that his mom's in really bad shape. later on, my mom calls me twice i think, telling me that she's dying & i should go straight to Esperanza when i get back to Santiago.
when i get to Santiago, i call my cousin & ask her if she'll take me to Esperanza, she said yeah, but we discover that my dad is on his way to Santiago & i should just wait for him. my dad, a friend, my brother, and a cousin come to my uncle's & from there we head to my house to leave my brother with another cousin overnight. on the way inside, my dad's brother calls him & said that she died. we (not including my brother & cousin) spend about 10 minutes in the house & head to Esperanza, my dad's friend drove b/c even though my dad wasn't freaking out, him+driving=bad idea. when we get there, she's already in a coffin all set up like she'd been dead for hours, not minutes. it was sad.

31 March:
i measure the distance from the big black Mazda to a badly parked Toyota Corolla on a busy street & smash the guy's mirror. fun.

a lot more shit happened, but i just don't have time.

question: i was sent a letter about having to do jury duty, but obviously i'm not in the country, do i have to go?

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11:57am 07/02/2006
mood: complacent
guess who got over Joel?


guess why?

because his math skills are basically nonexistant.

is that fair?


do i care?

fuck no

let's just say that five hours of tutoring him & another guy on Saturday showed me the light.
that probably also means i'm done boy-hunting. who knows.

i want to go to Puerto Rico & hang out with Jean & Frank. i really miss those guys.

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ripped off gj   
09:27pm 01/02/2006
mood: discontent
the weekend that just passed sucked. i thought i was gonna go out with my cousins, but we didn't do anything. plus i had to study for a test i took today, although i didn't really study enough.

Monday was all right. Elvis woke me up at 8am to say happy b-day. my mom & aunt called later on, but i was asleep again. then Carla called & texted & my grandmother called. my dad, brother & i went out to eat & bought a cake, then i went to do a project with some people & then we came here. the internet was down, so i don't even know if anybody besides my mom tried calling me from the Eastern time zone. later on, while i was studying, my uncle & two of my cousins came & we had some cake. Joel called me, then my mom & aunt called again while i was watching a dance show from Spain. my dad & i then smoked cigars (1 each) while my brother took pictures. i'd have to say that was pretty pointless b/c they tasted terrible & i almost didn't sleep. and i had the taste in my mouth until like last night.

i was kinda disappointed that nobody really remembered. obviously i wasn't expecting gifts, but i find it really sad that Joel, who i started talking to last Tuesday called me while Jose Javier & Wilander didn't, my cousins didn't, and nobody outside the country did so much as send me an e-mail or message or anything except for Gabriela, who i haven't seen in like 2-3 years & i don't talk to her much anyway. bummer.

then last night i found out that Joel is not a player, but a flirt; he's into this girl that's a good friend of his, and all these signals i was getting from him (ok, still getting from him) when we're around each other don't mean anything. Now, i don't know him much, but he's gorgeous & he seems pretty cool & we get along very well, so i was thinking possibly something along the lines of a no-strings-attached kind of relationship with him b/c i'm leaving & all. some entertainment & affection for a few months, but alas, no such luck. truth is, while he sucks at chem & his math abilities are questionable, when it comes to relationships & stuff i can tell he has a good head on his shoulders, unfortunately for me. great for him though. what i can't get over is the fact that he really really acts as if he likes me. according to what he said when he called last night though, it's a big negative on the subject of us. hopefully he'll stop flirting with me so i can move on.
Jose Javier was looking pretty good until i started talking to Joel, at which point i realized that the former's voice was extremely unappealing. Carla said to keep an open mind about him, so i will. he lives so damn far away though (like 13 miles) whereas Joel lives in the city like 15-20 minutes from me. i just have to get it through my head that he's not an option.

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men on myspace...   
10:47pm 22/01/2006
mood: blah
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:14:42 PM): ewww why do guys old enough to be my father hit on me on myspace?!?
Che Frizzle Fry (10:14:55 PM): theyre preverts
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:15:03 PM): yucky yucky
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:15:16 PM): hi,

I don't know if you noticed that you're 20 years older than me. I think I've said enough.


Che Frizzle Fry (10:15:43 PM): whats he say
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:15:53 PM): Hi,

I liked your description and picture,your a very beautiful and a very sexy woman and I`d like to chat sometimes. I believe you will find that I am funny intelligent, mature and can have very good conversation. Let find out.
Maybe you have aol,yahoo, or msn if so can I have you ID my email is Ftballplaya99@aol.com and my id on yahoo or msm is Ftballplaya99 I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your email so we can start chatting

Che Frizzle Fry (10:16:29 PM): lol
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:16:44 PM): he was very nice, although redundant and obviously not adept at grammar
Che Frizzle Fry (10:17:11 PM): lol
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:17:21 PM): i guess he was right about the mature part
Che Frizzle Fry (10:17:30 PM): lol indeed

~elapsed time~

SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:34:12 PM): uh oh Mr. Oldenoughtobemydad is im-ing me
Che Frizzle Fry (10:34:21 PM): gah
Che Frizzle Fry (10:34:26 PM): whats the fuck bag saying
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:34:27 PM): should i block him?
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:34:30 PM): i dunno
Che Frizzle Fry (10:34:34 PM): hmm
Che Frizzle Fry (10:34:37 PM): see what he says first
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:34:41 PM): ok fine
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:35:02 PM): so far, hello
Che Frizzle Fry (10:35:43 PM): say that youre nto really lunia but a big black guy named jim
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:35:48 PM): lmfao
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:35:59 PM): he asked me how i'm doing
Che Frizzle Fry (10:36:15 PM): did you say youre jim
Che Frizzle Fry (10:36:16 PM): wow
Che Frizzle Fry (10:36:40 PM): tell him youve got a big piece of man meat for him
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:37:07 PM): oh god i can't believe i'm gonna do this
Che Frizzle Fry (10:37:20 PM): YESS
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:38:27 PM): FtBaLlPlAYa99 (10:37:05 PM): i am from ny and you
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:37:34 PM): i'm from Massachusetts, but i think you should know i'm a transvestite
FtBaLlPlAYa99 (10:37:50 PM): you are
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:37:52 PM): yes
FtBaLlPlAYa99 (10:38:10 PM): i didnt know from the pics i think your beautiful
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:38:11 PM): haven't saved up enough for my operation, but the day will come
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:38:44 PM): FtBaLlPlAYa99 (10:38:36 PM): well i dont mind if you dont
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:38:53 PM): you're getting me out of this one Tony
Che Frizzle Fry (10:39:10 PM): ...
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:39:29 PM): i'm serious think fast
Che Frizzle Fry (10:39:46 PM): um
Che Frizzle Fry (10:39:57 PM): tell him you love to give it and nto take it lol
Che Frizzle Fry (10:39:58 PM): idk
Che Frizzle Fry (10:40:02 PM): im tryin
Che Frizzle Fry (10:40:07 PM): just say
Che Frizzle Fry (10:40:31 PM): bah ba booey bah ba booey howard sterns penis then block him
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:41:57 PM): FtBaLlPlAYa99 (10:39:12 PM): maybe we can trade pics
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:39:14 PM): that's surprising most guys get turned off
FtBaLlPlAYa99 (10:39:24 PM): i would like to get to know you
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:39:42 PM): well, that's what we're doing, isn't it
FtBaLlPlAYa99 (10:39:54 PM): yes it is
FtBaLlPlAYa99 (10:40:05 PM): would u like to trade pics?
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:40:20 PM): i don't have any on this hard drive, unfortunately
FtBaLlPlAYa99 (10:40:37 PM): well i do if you like i will send
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:41:01 PM): HOWARD STERN'S PENIS!!!
FtBaLlPlAYa99 signed off at 10:41:02 PM.
Che Frizzle Fry (10:42:35 PM): lol
SiMiLaR PaRaDoX (10:42:45 PM): i think that's the only time i'll ever take advice from you about guys
Che Frizzle Fry (10:42:58 PM): lmao

frickin Tony. getting me into messes.

Fall-Winter baseball finals =D my team is in it, which is nice, and i went to a game last night, which was great. blah blah, if you want to know what i'm up to, it's similarparadox on AIM.

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08:11pm 24/12/2005
mood: drunk
it's 8:12 and i am very sure my BAL is over .08

this is why DR is great

and US usually loses this battle

it's easier to have fun here.

Happy holidays my buddies

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i'm in Rhode Island   
12:33pm 14/12/2005
mood: cold
i am very much in RI & have a lot of free time, so if you want to solicit some of it for hanging out/catching up purposes just comment!

i was at La Salle yesterday. i will be at Spun on Friday, and possibly Christmas at La Salle on Sunday.

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- sigh -   
11:03am 17/11/2005
mood: blah

Tony broke up with me a week ago. surprisingly, i haven't cried at all. he says he still loves me, but the separation is too much for him. so now we're like we were before we officialy started going out: two friends who are very obviously in love, but not doing anything about it. i can live with that, and i stopped getting that terrible feeling i was getting before i knew whether he still loved me.

i believe this is the 3rd or 4th time i've heard "Creep" today b/c i had Pablo Honey playing in my mom's car.

my mom's car has essentially become my car, and my dad has appropriated my Peugeot. whatever. i just don't care right now. my test average in Spanish class is 84 right now, and unless the presentation, participation, and final scores don't add up to 97, i'm getting a B. that's gonna kill my GPA. it brings me down to a 3.8 b/c it's the class with the second-most credits. blah.

even though Tony really hurt me with his 'i can't be with you right now, but yes, we can call it a break' discourse, i don't see myself getting over it anytime soon. guys here are horrible in general, and definitely not bf material, so it would be pointless for me to look for someone else, and the fact that the reason Tony & i are apart is because of temporary unavoidable circumstances makes it really hard for me to accept that there's no chance for us. hopefully it'll all turn out fine.

Friday i went out with my cousin Estela & my NYC buddy Carla. i hadn't eaten anything solid beforehand, so the small quantity of beer i consumed did have some effect, as the following illustrates:
Scene: One Way, an outdoor bar on a corner in the clubbing/bar district of town. lots of people come here to stand around and drink and talk shit. the following convo was originally in English.
me: - looking up at the sky - Look, Carla, it's the Little Dipper-- do you see it?
Carla: yeah, i'd never seen it before
me: i never saw it in the US, but i saw the Big Dipper all the time. that reddish star over there is Venus.
Carla: what's that other one?
me: i dunno, cuz that one's reddish too... it's probably a planet too
Carla: you mean Mars? Mars is red.
me: no, b/c it wouldn't be so close to Venus... maybe it's Mercury, although it's really big to be Mercury.
- a few hours pass, and Carla & i are no longer drinking & we're on the other side of the street -
me: damn, that thing is definitely too big to be Mercur-- Carla, look at it
Carla: What? - laughs -
me: it's on a pole! it wasn't any fucking planet! - laughs -
Carla: Lunia, we really were drunk...

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11:12pm 08/11/2005
mood: annoyed
ok so i just found out that my dad's friend got jumped by 7 guys in Westerley over the weekend.

They were initially harassing his nephew in Burger King with racial slurs (they're Dominican), and when my dad's friend went to get him (he was at a store with his wife while his nephew ate), they attacked him & broke all the windshields of the car he was driving. He was definitely outnumbered, and all of them are in construction so they were wearing boots & stuff. He tried to block the blows to his head with his arms. Witnesses got the guys to leave and confirmed all this, and somebody wrote down the license plate # (Connecticut plate, by the way) of the vehicle those men were driving & they were found.

Pretty fucked up so far, but justice seems to be on its way, or is it? Turns out (predictably) all the men were white, and, according to some police system that i cannot comprehend, my dad's friend would have gotten arrested if he pressed charges because the assailants intended to press charges against him in that case. He had to stay overnight in the hospital, and currently walks with crutches, although he doesn't have any fractured bones.

Well, this is where it gets cynically funny: my dad's friend couldn't press charges, but since the car that he was driving was his brother's, his brother pressed charges and 3 of the guys who attacked him are in jail. My dad's friend hired a lawyer, and we're counseling him to go to the press with this, in addition to going to court. Obviously, the crime was racially motivated, but what the fuck is the deal with the police? After hearing the account of eyewitnesses saying that those guys attacked him out of nowhere, where the fuck do those assholes get the right to intimidate him out of pressing charges?

If any of you hear about this on the news, i want to know what's being said. i don't exactly get the Rhode Island news channel down here, so i'm asking you to keep your eyes peeled. The victim's last name is Camacho, again, this happened in Westerley near a Burger King.

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11:38am 07/11/2005
You scored as Maximus. After his family was murdered by the evil emperor Commodus, the great Roman general Maximus went into hiding to avoid Commodus's assassins. He became a gladiator, hoping to dominate the colosseum in order to one day get the chance of killing Commodus. Maximus is valiant, courageous, and dedicated. He wants nothing more than the chance to avenge his family, but his temper often gets the better of him.




Captain Jack Sparrow


William Wallace


James Bond, Agent 007


Indiana Jones


Lara Croft


Batman, the Dark Knight


Neo, the "One"


El Zorro


The Terminator


The Amazing Spider-Man


Which Action Hero Would You Be? v. 2.0
created with QuizFarm.com

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an anecdote   
10:52am 07/11/2005
mood: awake
Even though last night i swore i would do homework in the morning & not start another book, i started Slaughterhouse-Five (Vonnegut). i finished The Jungle (Upton Sinclair) on Friday night & After (Francine Prose) last night, so i figured i could give myself a break--if i didn't have such a terrible memory. Anyway, i was reading when there was a knock on my door, so i opened it and found my dad. This ensued (in Spanish, of course):
Dad - eyeing the book -: You aren't doing homework?!?
me: Oh yeaahhh...
He snatches the book and takes a step away from me as i stare, shocked. Then, he hops further into the hallway and pretends to wipe his ass with the book as he hops up and down.
Of course, i started laughing my ass off, and i wished i had the camcorder so i could send the video to my brother via AIM or something. He was surprised i found it so funny, but he laughed too when i mentioned the camcorder.

that pretty much sums up my daily life: shirking homework, finding something else to do, and funny confrontations with my parents and brother. What's missing, of course, is me rushing to do some homework before class, and actual class, because i basically don't get weekdays off here. ever. That, the daily visits with relatives, and the time i spend on the computer (sudoku, anyone?). oh well.

i've only been reading like mad for about a week, and i'll probably finish this Vonnegut within a few days, and then i have a serious round of tests to study for, and maybe i'll start The Oddyssey. However, after i'm done with it, i need a list of books to buy for when i go to RI in December. Any suggestions?

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11:36pm 22/10/2005
mood: blah
i know i neglect this journal... i just get way too into online puzzle games & my constant confrontations with Tony (so yeah, if you think your long-distance relationship is problematic, imagine having an extra 1000+ miles in there) to really put time into this. besides that, when i'm not at school, my uncle's, or somewhere out there, i'm here reading/studying/doing homework/pretending to do homework while daydreaming or sleeping. fun times.

i pretty much stopped frequenting the Santiago nightlife over a month ago, and besides the occasional "let's see what this tastes like!" - mixes a random drink - i've been living pretty wholesomely.

i haven't really been sick lately & i haven't been putting the amount of time i should into school & stuff, but things just get in the way & i don't really care that much.

oh yeah, and i'll be in RI from 12-20 December. in effect, that's six days that i'll be able to really see people since i'm arriving & departing from NYC, so reserve your spot now, my buddies!*

my mom came home the other day (she'd been away for a month) and she brought a few things with her, including the spring-summer 2005 book of regional winners for the Live Poets Society of New Jersey contest, and i already knew that "Delta Degrees Celsius" was in it, but i was unaware of my 'honorable mention' status once again. my consolations are these: i got an honorable mention twice in a row & the guy who won the grand prize for the year didn't even get an honorable mention in this round. so i can live with it.

i'm so not looking forward to the transfer application process....

*group visits are encouraged.

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all those pointless hours   
12:43pm 09/10/2005
mood: accomplished
ahh i just won at Hexic. my score was 546k and change. crazy shit. it took me 54 minutes, which is sad because i've played for over an hour & not won. =D yay

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trouble in perfect...   
07:45pm 27/09/2005
mood: depressed

LJ Interests meme results

  1. books:
    this is self-explanatory... i like to read
  2. coins:
    not many people know about this one... i have over a thousand pennies that i used to arrange very nicely, but they're in a wastebasket waiting to be arranged at the moment
  3. dominicanos:
    i'm Dominican...
  4. galeophobia:
    i saw this in one book about sharks, and this is supposedly fear of sharks, but i haven't found the term anywhere else
  5. ichthyology:
    study of fish. i'm a shark freak, ok?
  6. matching colors:
    anyone who knows my dressing habits knows about the colors that must match.
  7. otro rollo:
    the only comedy show in Spanish that i watch regularly. i love Adal Ramones.
  8. red sox:
    =D GO SOX
  9. selachophobia:
    this is the more common term for fear of sharks, which i have seen in various places.
  10. thursday:
    i love Thursday. not huge on screamo, but Thursday is fucking awesome.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

i miss people...

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09:20pm 11/09/2005
mood: .
i went to Sosua beach yesterday.

it was fun.

lots of sand in my bathing suit.

couldn't really boogeyboard.

school sucks.



fucking mosquitos.

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